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Comana Monastery - the grave of Dracula

Comana monastery was built by Vlad “The Impaler” during 1461 in Giurgiu county, Romania. This monastery was ment to serve as a fortified monastery placed in front of the Turkish armies coming from the south of the Danube and heading to Bucharest and Targovishte. The place/premises of the monastery was/were very difficult to reach as it was situated in the middle of a dozen ponds. From strategic point of view, it could attack but couldn’t be sieged. The original building ruined two centuries later but another one was built in the same place by the rulers to come. The legends say that during a war Vlad and his army commanded by two of his bravest soldiers (among them – Mihnea) went over the Danube and attacked the Turkish fortresses. They killed a lot of Turks and pushed back the menace for some time.









After a while, as they came back, they were very bad injured and the Turkish army started to regroup. Vlad and his army came back to Vallachia but they were followed by the Turks. The two commanders transformed into Vlad’s bodyguards and they were riding during the night towards Targovishte – the capital of Vallachia. While they were pausing for a moment to give some rest to the horses, nine fires appeared from the dark, foggy night as the atmosphere became quiet and peaceful. The knight-bodyguards took their swords but like hypnotised, they saw nine monks appearing from the dark night. The monks took the two knights and the Lord of Vallachia to their little small settlements in the middle of some lakes. There, Vlad and his knights healed and got their forces back. Vlad blessed these monks and built a monastery for them in the middle of their settlement. It is known to be the only monastery built by him and it was built as gratitude for saving his life. The archaeological diggings made during 1971 – 1972, partially revealed some of the rooms used by the old monks as well as the foundations of the genuine old monastery. Placed on the right side of the altar, right as it is known to be the place of the builder of a church or monastery, it was found a grave. Inside, the body of a decapitated man. Taking into consideration that the last battle of Vlad with the Turks is only a mile away, and the forrest where it is said to have been decapitated is only five miles away, thinking about the legend of the fighting monks who were protecting their ruler and could have recovered his body after the murder, we can conclude saying that this might be the grave where Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes lies for eternity. Anyway, this great ruler lies in peace, in the yard of a monastery, away from the eyes of the visitors and curious people.


The greatest Romanian poet of all times, Mihai Eminescu wrote:


“Unde esti tu, Tepes, Doamne, ca punand mana pe ei,
Sa-i imparti in doua cete, de nebuni si de misei,
Si in doua temniti large cu de-a sila sa-i aduni,
Sa dai foc la puscarie si la casa de nebuni!”
Translation: Where are thee Tepes, Lord, to grab them
And divide them into two groups of lunatics and unworthy
And to put them into two large prisons
Burning after the prison and the lunatic facility!

Rest in peace, you true patriot!




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